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5 Reasons to Attend a Cisco Meraki Webinar

You’ll Learn How Easy It Is to…

1. Set Up Cloud Networking
Cisco Meraki gives you powerful and intuitive centralized management via the cloud, and is extremely easy to set up. Say “goodbye” to the cost and complexity of traditional on-site wireless controllers.

2. Tackle BYOD
Cisco Meraki Is the first and only solution that provides everything you need for a secure, reliable, headache-free BYOD network — 100% integrated. BYOD, done and done.

3. Better Control Apps, Users and

Cisco Meraki is the only wireless LAN to include Layer 7 fingerprinting and application QoS. So, you can identify hundreds of applications, from business apps to BitTorrent and YouTube. You can also prioritize critical apps like VoIP, and limit or block wasteful bandwidth consumption such as P2P file sharing.
4. Benefit from the Advanced Analytics
Cisco Meraki access points detect probing MAC addresses from associated and non-associated devices. Data is then exported in real-time to the Cisco Meraki cloud where it’s analyzed and presented in the dashboard. This is where you’ll see dwell time, repeat visits, capture rate, and more.
5. Score Your Free Access Point  
Once you see how easy it is to set up Cisco Meraki cloud networking, and have explored the bells and whistles, you’ll qualify for your free* Cisco Meraki access point. Believe me, you will not be disappointed.

Have questions about Cisco Meraki access points, cloud networking, or just want to set up a meeting? Call Leeshanok Network Solutions at (520) 547-9900 .

*Some restrictions apply. See for details on qualifying for the free Cisco Meraki access point.
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